Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chapter One

Chapter One

Matt sat in the front row watching.  

He was mesmerized by her rhythmic, sensual movements. 

Her body melded with the pole as though they were one.

There was something that set her apart from the other dancers.  He could understand why she was a headliner.  She had more than grace and more than beauty.  She had class!  She didn't belong in this place.

Matt was torn.  Should he warn her to leave?  Should he arrest her with the others? 

Three months earlier, Cillay sat in the lawyer's office stunned.  A few days after the death of her mother, Darla Hollins and her father Robert Bracy, Cillay was hearing that she was almost penniless.  There would be enough to pay for her next term, but nothing beyond that!

"I'm sorry Cillay.  Your parents lived beyond their means for many years."

Cillay's mother was a famous singer during the eighties who retired from the music scene to spend more time with Cillay's father!   Her father was the retired CEO of a large corporation.  Cillay had been a happy surprise.  They enjoyed traveling the world together.  Sometimes they would take Cillay with them, and sometimes they could not.   

Although she often accompanied them, they took measures to insure that she was kept out of the public eye.  This grew more difficult as Cillay grew older because she became the mirror image of her mother.  Cillay had attended boarding schools in her younger years, and now she was in college. 

This was her second year.  It was time for mid term finals and Cillay could not accompany them on this trip to Greece.  Their plane had gone down, and there were no survivors.

"What about the royalties from my mother's songs?  What about our houses and the apartment in Manhattan?"

"The rights to your mother's songs were sold a few years ago.  Both houses had second mortgages on them, and the apartment will be auctioned for non-payment of taxes."

Cillay felt numb.  It was one blow after another.

Lea walked into the dorm room, and turned on the light.  She was surprised to see Cillay lying on her bed in the dark.

"What is it Cillay?"

Cillay sat up on the bed.  "You'd better start advertising for a new roommate."


Cillay told her about her meeting with her parent's lawyer.

"I have to find a job, pronto!  Even if I find one, it won't be enough to pay for my expenses and college.  It's too late to apply for financial aid or a scholarship!"

Lea didn't say anything.  She walked to her desk drawer and handed a flyer to Cillay.  It was an advertisement looking for exotic dancers.

"What is this Lea?"

"Its the answer to your problem!  I've already been hired!  I was going to tell you tonight!"

Cillay looked at her doubtfully.  This was definitely not her kind of thing.

"Don't say no yet, Cillay.  I know one of the dancers.  She said that the owner treats the girls with respect.  Of course there are some girls who give lap dances for extra money, but it would be up to us.  How much or how little a girl does is up to her."

Cillay couldn't believe what she was hearing!  Her best friend was going to work at a place like this and suggesting that she join her.

Lea flipped the flyer over.  On the back was the pay scale.  Cillay's eyes widened in amazement.

"Just in one night, I will make more than I made in a week serving snobs at Pullson's.   We'll be able to get a nice apartment together and stay in college!  Just think about it!   I start tomorrow night.  You can go with me and look into it.  I know you can do this, Cillay!"

Cillay thought about it all night.  By the next morning, she decided that she had no choice if she wanted to stay in college.

Armond looked at the young woman sitting in his office with Lea.  As soon as he saw her, he knew she would become a headliner.  Maybe one of the biggest ones he had ever had.  She had something special.  She had a mystique about her that said, "Look, look, look , but you better not touch!"   If she couldn't dance he would get her the best choreographer to teach her.  

He moved to the front of his desk to get a better look.

"Lea, it's time for you to get ready to go on!  Cillay will be fine with me."

Armond knew that once she began to be known, other clubs would try to lure her away.  He decided to pay her a salary large enough that she would not be tempted to leave.  He wrote a figure down and handed the slip of paper to her.

"That's just to start!  When you bring in more business, I'll give you a cut of the profits!"

"Mr. Jenkins, I only want to dance and nothing else.  No lap dances or special parties or dates!"

Armond thought for a few moments and studied her.

"Alright.  We have a deal!  I want to see you dance now."  
He pressed an intercom and a young woman came in.  "Take Ms. Bracy  and get her fitted out to dance.  I want to see what we're working with."

When Cillay put on the outfit that they wanted her to wear, she felt extremely uncomfortable and wanted to run in the other direction.

"Is this outfit really necessary?"

"Start the music!  Go to the pole, Cillay!"

"I've never done this before."

Cillay was starting to feel very nervous and exposed.  Maybe she couldn't do this.

Armond saw how nervous she was and joined her on the stage.

"Cillay, relax!  Just concentrate on the music. Feel the music and forget we're here.  You have a beautiful body and should not be ashamed to show it!  You will do fine.  Trust me!  I know this business!"

'Trust me!' he says, Cillay thought to herself.

Then she began to dance.  She tried to follow his advice and just listen to the music and shut everything else out.  

Armond sent his choreographer to show her some special moves.  Cillay began to relax and surprisingly enjoy the dance.   It released something within her that she didn't realize she had.   
Armond was gratified to find out that he was right about her.